Our areas of expertise fall into three major areas:

  • Design and installation of premise-based telephone systems including those made by Avaya®
  • CorpConnect hosted business telephone service for those who do not wish to own and maintain a system.
  • Support services including time-sensitive and support contracts for service, changes, repairs of existing systems including Avaya:
“Things seem to be working great! Thanks! After our initial learning curve, things are starting to return to normal. We look forward to exploring and utilizing all the features the Avaya system has to offer. Once again, thank you and your team for your help and patience in getting us through this entire process. We are confident we can put the final pieces of the puzzle in place in the next day or so. Thanks again.”
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Corporate Telecomm, in business since 1979, is engaged in the business of providing best-in-class telecommunication systems to both mid-market (<1000 employees) and small, medium (SMB) and midsized business clients who have a need for advanced telecommunication hardware, software and support. Our core focus is on professional service firms with an emphasis on multi-site applications.

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